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The Rules

Each team (2 people) must be in possession of a WhatsApp-enabled mobile phone and able to send and receive data abroad. Fishing is allowed with one rod per team member. Only artificial baits are allowed.


Minors must be accompanied by a participating adult – who is responsible for their supervision.


It is very important that participants stay together as a team and not separate (the maximum distance between team members is 20m).


Once a fish is caught it must be released safely.


Minimum fish sizes. Zander:42cm | Perch: 25cm | Pike: 50cm | ASP: 45cm


Fish can only be scored if the fish have been photographed using the provided Scale and Card / Lanyard. Please ensure that the Scale is laid flat and has not been folded. The fish should be measured from the start of the Scale. The measurement should be clearly visible for the referee to confirm. Once a catch has a comma the number will be rounded upwards. For example, if you catch a 45,1 size fish this will be rounded up to 46cm. Catches below the minimum will not be rounded up. For example, a 41.9 Zander, 24.9 Perch, 49.9 Pike, 44.9 ASP will not be rounded up. A new lanyard will be provided on each competition day. So be sure to use the new lanyard for that day.


The catch photo must be posted in the Whatsapp group, so the referee can confirm the catch for scoring.


The qualified fish will be multiplied in the following way: Perch x 1.6, Zander x 1.3, ASP x 1.5 and Pike x 1.0. For a fish to qualify it should be in compliance with the minimum dimensions.


In total 2 Pike, 4 Zander, 6 Perch and 1 ASP can be included in the total score.


If you catch a fish species that is over the allowed limit for that type. The largest catch will always overwrite the smallest catch from that fish type.

For example: If you catch a 46cm Zander and your current Zander catches range from. 54, 49,50 and 43cm. The 43cm will be replaced by the new 46cm catch. This works in the same way for all types of fish species.


It is recommended to post all moderately sized fish into the Whattap group. In the event of a tie, the first rule is to see which team caught the most species of fish. If there is still a tie the 5th largest Zander from both teams will be compared. If there is still a tie the 6th, 7th or 8th largest Zander will be compared until a winner is found.


If the referee is unsure whether to score a fish based on variables such as minimum sizes, wrong species or incorrectly measuring. A decision will be made with the Organisation team together with the anglers concerned how the fish will be scored. That’s why every participant should be very careful to ensure that the fish is measured correctly and the photo is illuminated correctly.


A photo without lanyard or scale means that the fish will not be counted.


Each participant must be in possession of a VISpas. If you do not have one you can purchase one for the event here. You must understand the rules of the Dutch Fisheries Association. At least 1 team member should have the Visplanner app installed on their phone.


Each participant who does not follow the rules and principles of fair play and catch and release will be disqualified. Furthermore, teams who double post catches with the intent of cheating will be disqualified.


An unhooking mat must be used at all times!


Saturday is fished using a car outside of the city. Sunday is strictly without a car and only on foot or by bicycle within the city limits.


The official Freestyle Ruler given out at the event is to be used only. No other scale or measuring device will be accepted. Every team will receive a new Freestyle Ruler during registration.