Weekend Plan

Friday. 12.11.2021

From 16:30 check in at the Bud Gett Hostel followed by a short meet and greet and distribution of rooms. On Friday, no fishing is scheduled. The participants arriving on Friday will not receive their starter pack and lanyard until Saturday morning.

Saturday. 13.11.2021

From 5:00: Breakfast in the hall of the Martini Hotel.

From 5:45: Issuing the starter packages.

From 6:15: Distribution of the zones A and B, at the same time we will be handing out lanyards.

From 6:45: The ratings of the fish will begin.

At 11:45: Pause in the ratings. Teams assigned to Zone A in the morning must travel to Zone B. Teams assigned to Zone B in the morning transfer to Zone A. This change is mandatory.

From 12:00: Rating resumes.

Until 17:00: Ratings stops. Head back to the hostel (check-in for people who have not yet checked in on Friday).

18:30 – 20:30: Communal dinner buffet.

20:45: Next chance to win: Together we will go to the bowling centre.

21:00 – 23:00: The next battle on the bowling alley.

23:15: Coronation of the bowling kings in the hall of the Martini hotel.

Midnight: Organisation team departs from duties.

Sunday. 14.11.2021

5:30: Breakfast.

6:30: Lanyard Issue. Only moving by foot is permitted on this day. There is no zone selection or allocation – just go and find your spot.

12.30: End of the ranking.

Check out of the Hotel / Hostel.

14:00: Award ceremony.

* The Organisation team reserves the right to make changes if necessary.

Bud Gett Hostels

Located In the middle of Groningen on the Rademarkt lies the Bud Gett-Hostel.  As usual with hostels, the rooms consist of bunk beds, we have booked 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 10 size bedrooms. Each room has a small bathroom. There is also a great lounge. The hostel is connected to the Martini Hotel via a corridor. One sleeping place per person and night in a 2 or 3-bedroom costs incl. breakfast and tourist tax 40 Euro.

One sleeping place per person per night in a 4 or more bedroom incl. breakfast and tourist tax costs 38 Euro.

Martini Hotel

The Martini Hotel is a slightly upscale address. It is located next to the Bud Gett Hostel and is connected to it via a corridor. We also booked a certain quota of two-bedrooms (double bed). The Martini-Hotel features a large hall where both the breakfast and dinner buffet is located. This is also where the awards ceremony will take place. A double room (for 2 persons) costs per night incl. breakfast and tourist tax 112 Euro.


Parking is unfortunately in short supply in the city centre of Groningen. You can look for a parking space on your own. Guests of the Bud Gett-Hostel and the Martini-Hotel have the possibility to park in the parking garage at a discounted price. The parking garage is less than 50 meters from the property. 24-hour parking spaces generally cost 23.50 Euro. As a guest of the hostel and hotel, you pay 17 Euro.

Bowling Center

Opposite the hostel and Martini Hotel is the bowling centre. As part of the event, we have booked this for Saturday evening. A great place to get to know your fellow anglers.

Breakfast (Saturday + Sunday)

Breakfast is included for every night you stay. Fresh coffee, cold drinks, Dutch bread, cold meats, cheese, jam, Muesli, cornflakes and much more.

Evening Buffet (Saturday)

For the dinner buffet, Jeroen (the manager of the Bud Gett-Hostel) came up with a fantastic mix. Since the event is in November, you can look forward to a great chicken stew with peppers and onions – winter time = stewing time. Not everyone enjoys as stew so a buffet is also available. The Saturday night buffet is also available for 12,50 Euro per person. Eating together in a really cosy and quaint restaurant – just great.