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The Event


For detailed information regarding the rules for the event click here.

Minimum Fish Sizes


Minimum fish sizes: Perch: 25cm | Pike: 50cm | Zander:42cm | ASP: 45cm

How to Score


1. Place fish on the front end of the Freestyle scale.
2. Place your lanyard and ID next to the Fish.
3. Take Photo.
4. Send the photo to the Freestyle Live WhatsApp group for assessment.

Preparing a Photo

Qualified Fish


Maxumim Qualified Fish: Perch: 6x | Pike: 2x | Zander: 4x | ASP: 1x

If you catch a fish species that is over the allowed limit for that species. The larger catch of that fish species will overwrite the smallest catch from that fish type.

For example, if you have caught 2 Pike, 1x 80cm and 1x 87cm. Now you catch a Pike at 83cm. This 83cm Pike will now overwrite your 80cm Pike.



Once a catch has been confirmed and registered. The catches will be updated into the live leaderboard